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  • In 1993, we began our activities producing 4-colors printers with widths of 1600 mm.

  • In 1995, we launched 6 and 8 color printers with automatic paper rolls change.

  • In 1998, launch of the pre-registration system and pre-positioning of the group of printing rolls with control by a HMI touch panel.

  • In 2002/2003, We launched the Beta model printer with the closed structure concept and the polymer holding roll and anilox roll with side exit.

  • In 2005, we added a numerical control system of position in the groups of printing rolls along with the automatic viscosity system.

  • In 2007, we launched the “gearless” printer in the Beta model.

  • In 2009, Beta model improved in the mechanical speed and automatic exchanges of entrance and exit with paper rolls of bigger diameter.

  • In 2011, we developed the production concept of supervision integrated into the customer network.

  • In 2017 - We launch new version model Beta with several detail of functionality that further increase the production capacity.

We, currently, are only manufacturing gearless flexographic printers that use all technologies developed currently, within the NR12 standards.

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Flexopower is a 100% Brazilian company that manufactures flexographic printing machines characterized by the cutting-edge technology of its products and technical staff.

Located in Diadema (SP), in a 5,000 m2 area, where it designs and assembles equipment to be sold for the whole national territory.

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